Natural Deterrents for Armadillos

Armadillos are usually observed as innocuous animals and awful victims of roadkill. In any case, with armadillo populaces expanding in Florida, they are posing certain health risks to the human population. We should go over some basic realities about armadillos to understand potential issues and find solutions. 

You Can Get Leprosy From an Armadillo. Researchers have reported that armadillos can infect people and that they are the reason behind countless cases of leprosy in the U.S. consistently.  And in certain places, over 20% of armadillos are contaminated with leprosy infections. 

Taste and Odor Repellents 

The best deterrent is to make your yard smell. Armadillos loathe the smell of ammonia, vinegar, and mothballs. Using any of these things routinely will avert armadillos. 

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper deters armadillos away because these animals detest the smell of fiery herbs. Unfortunately, when the armadillo gets a sniff of the cayenne pepper, they do attempt to enter onto your property, it will burn their nose but also keep the animals from returning 


Some people attempt to use mothballs to ward armadillos off since they are little enough that they can be sprinkled around the fence without being a blemish. Being honest, this routinely used repellent does nothing to deter armadillos, and it harms the earth and is cancerous.  

Castor Oil

Use a castor oil-based repellent to drive armadillos out and to keep them from burrowing for food and nourishment on your property. Castor oil is an all-regular oil that infiltrates the ground, and repulses armadillos in two different ways: ruins the food sources (bugs, grubs, and so on.) underground, making them distasteful to eat. 

Predator urine spray

Armadillos have a sharp feeling of smell so it might assist with spraying predator pee around your yard. You can also buy fox pee online. If you are a dog proprietor, you could also have a go at covering a pack of canine hair or dog urine or litter into the armadillo's tunnel. Same works for cat litter.


Fencing is another alternative to deter armadillos. A short wire fence between 18 inches and 24 inches high will, for the most part, prevent armadillos from attacking a vegetable garden or a nursery. A basic fancy fence 12 inches high may also be adequate, especially if the top is to some degree spiky and forcing. There is the little chance a focussed armadillo will burrow under the fence, however, armadillos aren't abnormally focussed, so they're probably going to discover another abode before turning to your nursery. 

Bright Lights 

Use Lights to Scare the Armadillos Away - Armadillos are bashful, nighttime animals, and they are commonly scared of lit territories. In this way, adding lights to your lawn may help deter armadillos from scrounging. You can either keep a light on consistently or you can invest in motion-activated lights 


For effective trapping, place more than one trap in different areas, particularly close to the armadillos' tunnels. Although a few people believe in goading the traps with some ready products of the soil, others think all you need is a decent, solid trap. (If the trap isn't sufficient the armadillo may have the option to break out of it.) Once they're trapped, release the armadillos in a remote area.

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